A polychrome Dutch Delft figure of a 'nodding head' actor, 1st quarter 18th C.


H.: 32 cm

Condition: (UV-checked)
- Some restoration showing under UV-light to the feet, probably disguising a break, which would imply the figure has been detached from the base at some point.
- The left hand from viewer's perspective restored.
- Typical negligible small superficial chips throughout.

- With Aronson antiquairs, Amsterdam. Published in Dutch Delftware, 2003, p. 16, nr. 15.
- An important Dutch private collection.

- Lunsingh Scheurleer, Delft, Niederländische Fayence, Klinkhardt und Biermann, München, 1984, p. 317, ill. 366, referred to as a harlequin.