A Chinese export 'Nordic Society' plate dated 1785 and one inscribed 'Dus Leydons Vriendschap', Qianlong

This lot was sold on 2020-10-31 and is no longer available

Dia.: 24 cm (the largest)

Condition: (UV-checked)
- The puce-enamelled 'Leiden' plate with a long hairline from ca. 7 o'clock to the far side of the central medallion. Small rim chips throughout.
- The 'Nordic Society' plate broken and restored, with related overspraying.

The one on the right puce-enamelled with a Dutch vessel at sea and inscribed 'Dus Leydons Vriendschap', likely referring to the name of a ship, related to the Dutch city of Leiden.
The one on the left inscribed 'DET NORDISKE SELSKAB - LONDON', dated 1785.

Price incl. premium: € 892,50