Four Chinese blue and white cups, 19th C.

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Dia.: 6,5 cm - H.: 5 cm (the largest)

The two cups on the left marked 'Green on the base of the vessel' (CN: '器底靑花款' - 'Qì dǐ qīng huā kuǎn').
The third cup from the left marked 'Made during the Chenghua reign' (CN: '宣化年製' - 'Chenghua nian zhià').
The fourth cup marked 'Precious collection of the seemingly old' (CN: '若深珍藏' - 'Ruo shen zhen cang').

Condition: (UV-checked)
- Upper cup: very fine rim fritting.
- Left cup: excellent condition.
- Middle cup under: a few very small rim chips and fritting.
- Right cup: very small rim chips and fritting.

Price incl. premium: € 446,25