A large Japanese 'Aizu Matsudaira' clan armorial silk 'kesa' priest robe with flat gilt-paper thread, Edo, 18/19th C.

This lot was sold on 2021-12-03 and is no longer available

Dim.: 357 x 129 cm

The fabric for this trapezoidal robe made for the Jodo sect is a famous type known in Japan as nishiki kinran a brocade that combines silk in various rich colors (nishiki) with flat gilt-paper thread (kinran).

The Matsudaira clan (松平氏, Matsudaira-shi) was a Japanese samurai clan that descended from the Minamoto clan. It originated in and took its name from Matsudaira village, in Mikawa Province (modern-day Aichi Prefecture). (link)