A Chinese wucai 'dragon' vase and cover, Transitional period

This lot was sold on 2022-05-14 and is no longer available

H.: 41 cm

 Condition: (UV-checked)
- The cover with two star-shaped hairlines in the middle and the half of the rim is overpainted.
- The entire rim of jar with glaze loss, fritting and small chips.
- Two tight star-shaped glaze lines visible on the inside of jar, a short hairline in the middle of the body, with related retouching visible on the inside.

- 盖子内部两个鸡爪(透), 口沿修复痕迹。
- 罐子口沿剥釉一圈,还有几处小飞皮。
- 罐内两个鸡爪(不透),罐身外一条小冲线约 3 厘米,罐内有相应的修复痕迹。


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