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A Chinese famille rose group with a tiger and his rider, 19/20th C.

This lot was sold on 2023-02-22 and is no longer available

H.: 24 cm

Condition: (UV-checked)
- A superficial chip of ca. 8 x 3 mm under one foot.
- Lacking the final tip of the fourth finger on the right hand.
- A few glaze lines to the tiger's back, shoulder and between the robe and tiger.
- Some superficial crazing to the tiger's chin.
- The tail with a reglued break with some overpainting. The finial of the tail retouched.

- 老虎的一個掌底有一個約8 x 3毫米的飛皮。
- 人物第四個手指指尖缺失。
- 老虎背部、肩部、人物袍子和老虎背部接觸部分有幾條驚釉。
- 老虎下顎有幾處輕微龜裂。
- 老虎尾巴斷,後粘合。尾巴尖端有修復和復繪痕跡。