A varied collection of Chinese famille rose and monochrome wares, 18/20th C.

This lot was sold on 2023-02-22 and is no longer available

H.: 26,5 cm (the tallest vase)
L.: 17 cm - H.: 10,5 cm (the teapot)
H.: 16,5 cm (the lion)
Dia.: 14,5 cm - H.: 7 cm (the bowl)
Dia.: 14 cm (the saucer)
H.: 9 cm - Dia.: 8,5 cm (the cup)

Condition: (UV-checked)
- The cup and saucer in very good condition with some typical glaze loss to the rim.
- The bowl with three hairlines to the rim.
- The teapot with a circular hairline line to the handle and the cover with a circular impact line under the rim.
- The jar in excellent condition and the cover with two breaks to the rim.
- The lion lacks the finial of the tongue and tail.
- The green jar with a few small superficial chips to the edges.
- The yellow vase with a small superficial chip to the rim.
- One famille rose vase with a tiny superficial chip under the rim.
- One famille rose vase with a spot of glaze loss to the shoulder.
- One famille rose vase with a refilled chip and a related hairline.
- One famille rose vase in excellent condition.
- The vase with cover: the rim of the cover polished, the vase with a hairline of ca. 4 mm to the rim.

- 茶杯和碟子近乎全品,口沿有典型剝釉。
- 碗口沿三條衝線。
- 茶壺手柄上環形衝線,蓋子底邊一個重皮。
- 罐子全,蓋子口沿兩個崩。
- 獅子缺舌頭和尾巴。
- 綠釉罐子側邊幾處小飛皮。
- 黃釉瓶子近乎全品,口沿一個小飛皮。
- 一個粉彩花瓶口沿下一個小飛皮。
- 一個粉彩花瓶口沿一個被修補的飛皮和衝線。
- 一個粉彩花瓶肩上一個剝釉。
- 一個粉彩花瓶全品。
- 蓋罐的蓋子口磨邊,罐子口沿衝線。

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