A Chinese yellow-glazed biscuit teapot, a white-glazed biscuit double gourd vase and an iron-red 'phoenix' jar, 20th C.

This lot was sold on 2023-02-22 and is no longer available

H.: 19 cm (the double gourd vase)
H.: 12 cm  (the phoenix jar)
L.: 17 cm - H.: 8,5 cm (the teapot)

Condition: (UV-checked)
- The jar in quasi excellent condition with a small superficial chip in the middle.
- The double gourd vase in excellent condition.
- The teapot in excellent condition with the finial of the cover retouched.

- 罐子近乎全品,中間位置一個小飛皮。
- 葫蘆瓶全品。
- 茶壺蓋鈕有修復,壺身全品。