A Chinese blue and white Ming-style 'peaches' moonflask or 'bianhu', Jiaqing mark and of the period


H.: 24,5 cm

Condition: (UV-checked)
- A good example, with a fresh appearance and attractive glaze.
- A drilled hole to the base.
- The rim broken and restored, with some overpainting.
- One of the short sides of the foot with some restoration.
- A baking flaw in the centre of the flower on the lower part on one side.

- 一個相當好的標準件,視覺狀態非常良好,釉面溫和如玉。
- 瓶子底打洞。
- 口沿破損及修復,UV光下有噴漆痕跡。
- 底足較短的一側有修復。
- 瓶子一側下方,蓮花中間位置一個窯傷。


Estimate: € 5000 - € 10000