A large Chinese blue and white 'bajixiang' tripod censer with lotus scrolls, Qianlong


H.: 34 cm

Condition: (UV-checked)
- Presenting very well.
- One handle and one leg are probably broken off and reglued, with related overpainting.
- The other two legs with some small sections restored, with related overpainting.
- A C-shaped section retouched on the underside of the censer, partly touching the unglazed part, across ca. 40% of the circumference, probably covering a baking flaw.
- The inside of the censer with some overspraying.

- 單純視覺狀態非常良好。
- 一個朝天耳和一隻足可能斷裂後重新黏合,並且有複繪。
- 另外兩隻足都有部分修復和複繪痕跡。
- 香爐底部,靠近底胎處,整圈的40%有復繪修復,可能是為了覆蓋窯傷。
- 香爐內有噴漆。

Estimate: € 8000 - € 12000