A varied collection of Chinese blue and white Vietnamese market 'Bleu de Hue' wares, 19th C.

This lot was sold on 2020-02-15 and is no longer available

H.: 10,5 cm - Dia.: 10 cm (the covered bowls on stand)
Dia.: 20 cm (the largest plate)
Dia.: 12,5 cm - H.: 6 cm (the largest bowl)

Condition: (UV-checked)
- The four dragon saucers (front row): two in excellent condition, one with two ca. 1 cm hairlines, one with one ca. 1 cm hairline.
- The two covered dragon bowls on stands: both bowls reglued, the covers and stands in excellent condition.
- The tray with a fisherman (top left): with a ca. 15 mm hairline.
- The plate with a boy (top middle) in excellent condition.
- The plate with dragon roundels (top right) with a metal-repaired chip with tight 1 cm hairline.
- The bowl with a fisherman under a tree with three short hairlines and a few very small chips.
- The bowl with trees with a ca. 2,5 cm hairline.
- The shallow bowl (far left, second row) with peaches with two ca. 1,5 cm hairlines.
- The dragon bowl with Chenghua mark (second from left, second row) with a tight ca. 5 cm hairline.
- The small dragon bowl (fourth from left, second row) with a ca. 7 mm hairline.
- The landscape bowl (far right, second row) with a ca. 5 cm hairline.

Price incl. premium: € 1.657,50