A pair of Chinese blue and white 'qilin' jars, Transitional period


H.: 25,5 cm (incl. wooden cover)
H.: 24 cm (excl. wooden cover)

Condition: (UV-checked)
- One with a consolidated tight glaze line with traces of staple repairs across the base, extending upwards on both sides for ca. 2,5-3 cm. On the inside, a number of small star-shaped glaze lines. The unglazed rim with a tight ca. 1,5 cm glaze line extending from a small baking-related tension line.
- The second in excellent condition, with a few tight short glaze lines visible on the inside only, not showing on the outside under normal or UV-light.
- Both with negligible minor superficial wear.
- The covers both in good condition, with minor superficial wear.

Estimate: € 4000 - € 8000