Two Chinese Longquan celadon dishes and three bowls, Song/Ming


Dia.: 31,5 cm (the largest dish)
Dia.: 19 cm - H.: 7,5 cm (the largest bowl)

Condition: (UV-checked)
- The largest bowl (far right on first image) in excellent condition.
- The second largest bowl (far left on first image) with a small superficial chip on the inner rim, a ca. 15 mm baking crack and minor superficial wear throughout.
- The Longquan celadon bowl (middle on first image) with a restored chip on the outer rim, with related overspraying visible under UV-light. Superficial crazing throughout.
- The 'twin fish' dish in excellent condition.
- The dish with the incised character with a circular hairline visible around the center of the dish, superficial wear throughout and a few very small burst glaze bubbles along the rim.

- An important Belgian private collection.
- The Song Dynasty bowl with incised peonies, on the far left: The Jan-Erik Nilsson collection.

Estimate: € 1500 - € 2500