A rare blue, white and lavender-glazed reticulated revolving zhadou spittoon, Qianlong mark, 19/20th C.


Dia.: 16 cm - H.: 14 cm

Provenance: A Belgian private collection.

The only other related example we could locate, is in the National Palace Museum of Taipei (see last photo). The revolving part of that example bears a gilt-decorated celadon glaze, while the inner part is decorated in fencai palette, as opposed to the present's example blue and white decoration of the inner stem.

Condition: (UV checked)
- With a small baking line on the underside of the rim of ca. 1 cm.
- With a chip on the top rim of the revolving part of ca. 10 x 9 mm.

We added images of the decoration on the inner part as well.