A large Chinese blue and white "dragon" hu vase, 19th C.


H.: 56 cm

Condition: (UV checked)
- The very attractive vase in very good condition.
- The top rim with a few small burst glaze bubbles.
- One handle with a small superficial 5 x 2 mm chip on the top rim and a baking flaw on the inside, slightly visible on the outside.
- The other handle with 2 small superficial 4 x 2 mm and 2 x 2 mm chips on the top rim, a small 3 mm chip on the underside and a 3 cm glaze line running upwards.
- The body with a few small burst glaze bubbles.
- The foot with a few small chips and baking flaws.
- The inside with some baking irregularities, invisible on the outside.

Price incl. premium: € 23.587,50