Two Chinese wucai vases and covers, Transitional period


H.: 40,5 cm (the tallest)

Provenance: The private collection of a retired Belgian antiques dealer.

Condition: (UV-checked)
- The dragon vase in fair condition with a reinforced ca. 20 cm hairline running down from the rim, with traces of a now-removed old staple repair. Two tight star-shaped glaze lines visible on the inside. Small losses and superficial wear on the surface. The entire rim with glaze loss, fritting and small chips. The cover extensively repaired around the rim, with a hairline running just under the finial and minor losses to the overglaze enamels.
- The vase with Buddhist emblems in poor condition with a large section broken out and restuck, as well as a further long C-shaped crack. A further number of long dark-stained hairlines throughout the body. Traces of old now-removed staple repair and a large filled chip on the rim. The interior with old repair visible. The lid with a repaired section on the rim and a filled rim chip, a ca. 3 cm hairline and superficial wear throughout.

Price incl. premium: € 3.060