86 reference works and auction catalogues on Japanese arts


Books Collection

Japanese Porcelain in the First Half of the 19th century, The Oriental Ceramic Society
Shino and Oribe Kiln Sites, RFJ Faulkner and OR Impey
Doll Festival Decoration, Nezumuseum
Japanese Brush Painting Techniques, Paul Siudzinski
Japanese Prints II 1750 - 1950, Tanakaya
Japanese Fine Arts, Seiichi Taki
Japanese Porcelain, P.L.W. Arts
Japanese Porcelain, Soame Jenyns
Japanese Pottery, Soame Jenyns
The Dragon King of the Sea, Oliver Impey & Malcom Fairley
Japanese Porcelain, Egan Mew
Japanese Art, Alain Lemière
Japanese Mythology, Juliet Piggott
Through Closed Doors, Cal French

Catalogues Collection

Shibata Collection Part 1 - 6
Bonhams x 3
Sotheby's 1980s x 4
Sotheby's 1990s x 27
Sotheby's 2000s x 1
Christie's 1980s x 3
Christie's 1990s x 15
Christie's 2000s x 3
Various Collection x 10

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