33 reference works on early Chinese ceramics


Chinese Art, Leigh Ashton & Basil Gray
Chinese Pottery Figurines, Friendly House Publishers
A Picture Book of Chinese Pottery Figures, Victoria & Albert Museum
Les Terres Cuites Chinoises, Thomas Dexel
Chinese Celadon Wares, G.St.G.M. Gompertz
Early Chinese Pottery and Porcelain, Basil Gray
Yuan Porcelain & Stoneware, Margaret Medley
Special Exhibition of Cultural Relics Found off Sinan Coast 1977, National Museum of Korea
Ting and Allied Wares, Margaret Medley
The Hans Popper Collection of Oriental Art, René-Yvon Lefebvre d'Argencé
Avery Brundage Collection Chinese Ceramics, René-Yvon Lefebvre d'Argencé
Ceramics in the Liao Dynasty, Mino Yutaka
The Westerners amoung the Figurines of the Tang Dynasty of China, Jane Gaston Mahler
Song Ceramics, Mary Tregear
The Helen D. Ling Collection of Chinese Ceramics, The Art Gallery
The World in Monochromes, The Oriental Ceramic Society
Freedom of Clay and Brush through Seven Centuries in Northern China:
T'zu-chou Type Wares, 960-1600 A.D., Yutaka Mino
Chinese Ceramics from Datable Tombs, J.M. Addis
Oriental Celadon, The Princessehof Collections
Illustrated Catalogues of Tokyo National Museum, Chinese Ceramics 1, Tokyo National Museum
Chinese Pottery Burial Objects of the Sui and T'ang Dynasties,
Adrian M. Joseph, Hugh M. Moss and S.J. Fleming
Pottery & metalwork in Tʻang China: their chronology & external relations: a colloquy held 29 June to 2 July 1970, William Watson, Percival David Foundation of Chinese Art
The Early Ceramic Wares of China, A. L. Hetherington, introduction by R.L. Hobson
The Mount Trust Collection Of Chinese Art Paperback – 1970, Victoria & Albert Museum
Chinese Art, R.L. Hobson
Ice and Green Clouds: Traditions of Chinese Celadon Paperback – June 1, 1987, Yutaka Mino
Song Ceramics From the Kwan Collection (Chinese) Hardcover – 1994, Hong Kong Museum of Arts
of Earth and Fire, Maud Girard-Geslan
Catalogue of Chinese Greenware in the Ashmolean Museum Oxford, Mart Tregear
Sung Sherds, Nils Palmgren
The Williams Collection of Far Eastern Ceramics, Tonnancour Section
The Southeast Asian Ceramic Society, Chinese Translation No.1, the Southeast Asian Ceramic Society
The Southeast Asian Ceramic Society, New Discoveries in Chinese Ceramics No. 3, the Southeast Asian Ceramic Society